成本是那些想继续深造却无法实现的人提到的主要原因之一. 你可以获得贷款和助学金,帮助你获得你想要的教育和你一直梦想拥有的职业.

Applying for financial aid shouldn’t get in the way of your education. At Warner Pacific University, we are here to help you and get you on your way to achieving your goals. 有关在西太平洋大学就读一学年的全部费用的信息(财政援助预算), please see the Cost of Attendance page.

我们在这里以简单的一步一步的指导来帮助回答你亚博体育经济援助和学生贷款过程的所有问题. Don’t allow a lack of funds get in the way of achieving all your goals

Questions? Call Student Financial Services at 503.517.1091 or email.

University Costs

2024-25 Tuition and Fees – Traditional Semester Programs
2024-25 Tuition and Fees – Professional Graduate Programs

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees – Traditional Semester Programs
2023-2024 Tuition and Fees – Professional & Graduate Studies

Traditional Semester Program Payment Policies

Outstanding Student Account Balances

Failure to meet arranged payment plan terms may result in plan termination. Delinquent monthly accounts and any deferred payment arrangements incur service charges. 连续不付款可能导致行政撤销注册,并可能禁止学生在随后的学期注册,并获得正式和非正式的成绩单,直到这些义务得到满足. 文凭和成绩单不会发给任何学生,直到他们的学生账户余额为零. In addition to withholding transcripts, records, or diplomas until all university expenses are satisfied, 亚博体育保留权利,禁止有逾期欠款的学生代表大学参加公共活动或活动. 学生遇到与他们的财务有关的合理的情有可本的情况,鼓励学生与学生会计人员会面进行咨询.

Payment Plans

Balances remaining after charges minus all financial aid, third party payments, and personal payments require a payment plan. 传统的学期学生支付计划是在4月份结束的学年(通常是9个月)计算的, maximum of 12 months). 一个预先授权的计划可以自动从借记卡或信用卡中扣除每月的付款. 不可退还的注册费相当于资助金额的5%,将被记入学生账户,并在计划批准后包含在付款中. 该大学还提供每月扣除学生工资的计划,或者每学期只支付两次(每学期到期日支付一半), with the remaining balance due about mid-way through the semester) without additional fees.

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws from all courses or is dismissed from the University, a prorated amount of tuition and fees, except applied music fees and housing-related fees, will be refunded based on calendar days attended. After 60 percent of the term has passed, no refund will be granted. Any refund may be reduced by the tuition deposit, room reservation deposit and meals consumed. Additional charges may arise from the terms and conditions of a residential lease.

Special Procedural Provisions

Federal Title IV student aid is disbursed to pay educational expenses while enrolled. 当学生在获得资助的学期完成60%之前退学时, a pro-rated portion of the aid must be returned to the federal government.

联邦法规要求有书面的机构政策,以退还和偿还在收到付款的学期内因任何原因终止注册的学生收到的联邦援助. 确定退款百分比的退款计算使用美国联邦法律规定的联邦第四章退款程序进行.S. Department of Education.

该机构负责根据确定的退款百分比将资金返还给适当的联邦来源. 学生有责任偿还机构或联邦政府因取款而欠下的任何余额.

Student Accounts

Charges to students for all tuition, fees, 根据初次入学时分配的学生身份证号,将住房记录在个人账户中. Grants, scholarships, and loan payments are recorded as credits against those charges as they are received. The balance due, if any, shown on the student’s account statement must be paid in full by August 1 for the fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester, prior to moving into student housing, and upon receipt of subsequent monthly statements. 超出费用的款项将退还给学生,除非学生要求将资金保留在账户上作为未来费用的预付款. All credit balances must be refunded to the student at the end of each academic year, regardless of student request. 学生可以通过在他们的账户上付款,将这笔钱用于下一学年的学费.

If a student adds or drops courses, an official change of registration form must be submitted. 在允许的增删期限内,按全学期费率增删课程,费用和收费会有所调整。, with related adjustments in financial aid. 我们鼓励考虑放弃全日制入学资格的学生与财政援助人员讨论这种决定的财务影响.

Upon registering for classes, 学生产生费用,并负责支付这些费用,无论他们是否参加. Warner Pacific University, a non-profit institution of higher learning, in establishing any student account, extends credit to students solely for the purpose of financing their education.


In order to provide students with maximum dependability and affordability, 亚博体育选择与Slingshot合作,为所有学生提供教科书.  与Slingshot的合作可以让学生在学年亚博体育前及时收到正确的书籍.

所有传统学期课程的学生将自动注册为Slingshot数字/租赁课程,无需额外费用. 每学期开学前的周末,学生都可以在校园里拿到课本,不需要自己购买教材. Information is provided on the Slingshot website for students to access books provided digitally.  学生必须在课程结束后的第一天将所有租借的书籍归还给校内收发室.

Students access their textbook information on the Slingshot website at http://warnerpacific.slingshotedu.com. 亚博体育您的课程材料或运输信息的问题可以通过1-888-392-2930联系Slingshot客户服务人员来解决.

学生可以选择在学期付款截止日期之前退出该计划,请致电1-888-392-2930联系Slingshot客户服务人员索取退出表格. Choosing to purchase course materials on your own does not reduce your tuition and fees.

Third Party Plans

The University participates in programs with third parties such as employers, government agencies, 确认第三方报销计划注册的书面文件在学期到期日之前提交给学生账户办公室. 所有未包括在该安排的费用和收费是学生的责任,并应在第一天上课之前到期. Delayed employer reimbursements may result in service charges to the student.

Unpaid Account Status

Full payment, or an approved payment arrangement, is required prior to moving into housing or attending classes. 如果在学期的第一天没有做出满意的付款安排,学生将被置于未付款状态. Failure to contact the Office of Student Accounts may result in a voided registration. 未付余额,包括初始结清后产生或增加的余额,可按1.5% monthly service charge (18% annually).

Professional & Graduate Studies Payment Policies

Credit Cards Accepted

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted online at mywp.propathsolutions.com and Discover, Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payments made by phone or in person.

Payment Plan Options

A student selects one Primary Payment Option. A Secondary Option is required if the Primary Option is not the Pay & Go Plan.

Pay and Go Plan

Payment course by course: If the Pay & Go Plan is the “Primary Option,” payment for courses are due in full by the first day each course starts. If the Pay & Go Plan is the “Secondary Option,“主要选择”未涵盖的任何未付费用应在课程亚博体育的第一天之前支付.

Corporate Tuition Deferment Plan

Participation in this option requires that a copy of the company’s tuition reimbursement policy, on company letterhead, be on file and approved by the Office of Student Accounts. 公司报销的学费和/或书本费从每门课程的最后一天起延迟30天. 学生有责任在课程结束后31天内全额付清公司未支付的费用. 学生应通知学生账户办公室的就业状况的变化,影响付款.

Direct Bill Plan

Approved company tuition vouchers must be received two weeks prior to the start of each course. The student must pay tuition not covered by Direct Billing by the first day each course starts. 雇主必须直接向亚博体育支付100%(100%),以便将此选项视为“主要选项”。.

Financial Aid Plan

Federal Grants and Stafford Loans are available for eligible students. 百分之百(100%)的学费将在完成财务援助文件和处理过的FAFSA文件后延期. 学生必须在每个付款到期日或之前按照付款条款支付经济援助未涵盖的学费和费用 & Go Plan.

Changing Payment Plan Options

在参加亚博体育专业和研究生课程期间,如果学生账户信誉良好,则主要付款计划选项可能会更改. In order to change plans, 学生必须联系学生账户办公室并完成相应的财务协议. All changes must be approved by Warner Pacific University.

Late Fees

Unpaid balances are subject to a 1.5% service charge each month the balance remains unpaid. To avoid late fees, payments must be made by the first day each course starts. This applies to any balance not covered by Financial Aid, Tuition Deferment, or a Direct Billing Plan.

Returned Check/Credit Card Fees

All returned checks or credit cards are assessed an additional $25 processing fee. If the account is delinquent when the check or credit card is returned, 服务费加上拒付信用卡或退回支票的费用将从学生的账户中扣除. 亚博体育保留随时收取退回支票或信用卡费用及服务费的权利.

Failure to Pay

未能在规定的到期日之前完成学费和杂费的支付可能会导致从学生的下一个计划课程亚博体育的行政撤销. 因经济原因被学校行政退学的学生必须在重新入学前付清全部学费.

Requesting Financial Aid Excess Funds

If your financial aid award exceeds your cost of tuition, fees, and books, you may be eligible to receive excess funds. 开学三周后检查你的学生账户,看看资金是否已经汇入你的学生账户. If funds have posted to your account, 学生金融服务将审核您的账户,并在资金提交后的14天内自动退还多余的资金. Refunds will be directly deposited to your bank account (look for an email from bill.(在你的经济援助公布后几天,在网站上建立你的直接存款信息), or a check will be mailed to the address on record. Please allow the full 14 days for processing before calling to check the status of your refund.  Typically, excess funds are refunded at the end of the first course of each semester the student attends.

PLEASE NOTE: All refunds are an estimated amount. Changes to the cost of books, withdrawing, dropping, 或在收到多余的资金后增加课程可能会导致亚博体育的余额.

Grade Release

Grades are released for paid courses only (exceptions may be made for Tuition Deferred Students), 只有在学生课程的第二门课程结束之前,学生的学术顾问完成了学位计划. Transcripts are not issued until the student balance has been cleared by Student Accounts.


退课可能会导致学生欠亚博体育的余额. 请参阅大学目录中的专业和研究生课程部分以及课程大纲中的出勤政策.

注意:退出课程或改变学术日历可能会减少或取消经济援助奖. 请在退课前咨询学术顾问和财务援助顾问.

Textbook Policy

亚博体育致力于使大学教育尽可能方便和负担得起. In addition to keeping tuition and fees low, 大学致力于保持教科书和教学材料的成本负担得起,同时确保学生在加速学习计划有可靠和及时的访问这些材料.

In order to provide Professional & Graduate Studies (PGS) students with maximum dependability and affordable choices, WPU has chosen to partner with Slingshot. 与Slingshot的合作关系允许两件重要的事情:(1)学生收到正确的书, on time, automatically, (2)学生可以选择让他们更好地管理自己财务亚博体育的购买方式.

Students in the Professional & 作为Slingshot计划的一部分,研究生课程在每门课程亚博体育前大约两周自动发送课程材料. 当教材发货时,课程材料费用将添加到学生的WPU学生帐户中. Students have the option of choosing whether they receive New, Used, Rental, or Digital books.

Students access their textbook information on the Slingshot website at http://warnerpacific.slingshotedu.com. 亚博体育您的课程材料或运输信息的问题可以通过1-888-392-2930联系Slingshot客户服务人员来解决.



亚博体育购买和租赁书籍的常见问题可以在Slingshot网站上找到. To receive books in a timely fashion, students should be registered for classes three weeks before the course start. 书籍和材料大约在课程亚博体育日期前两周发货,大约在课程亚博体育日期前一周交付. In order to avoid book charges, students must return rental books and books for dropped classes as instructed. Direct questions to Slingshot at 1-888-392-2930 or support@slingshotedu.com. 认为自己有例外情况的学生应向负责学术事务的助理副校长办公室提出申诉. 亚博体育教科书和弹弓的更多信息可以在以下地方找到:学生仪表板, MyWP Classes, and MyWP.

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